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DreadlockTruth is an online community of people from all across the globe that have come together to share their information, experience, and knowledge regarding dreadlocks with others. This website is built on our members' collective input, and is here for you so join our friendly, easy-going online community to get your questions answered, browse thousands of photos, post your own, and meet new friends!

We'll tell you how to start, maintain, dye, decorate and live with dreadlocks. We have tons of tutorials, advice, information, and experiences to share with you, free of cost and completely unbiased.

We aim to educate others about dreadlocks and dispel the myths that surround them – that's everything you need to know, without the corporate marketing. That's right, we're one of the very few dreadlock related websites that do not sell or promote any unnecessary products on our pages.

Most websites urge you that you must use their products if you wish to obtain dreadlocks or grow them faster - this is not true! If you are looking to start dreadlocks, we are here to aid you in avoiding needless expenses and harmful methods such as dread wax, which can be detrimental to the locking process.

In short, if you're researching dreadlocks: We're here to help!

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Hey all! Use this shout box to post quick messages.
haircare: Natty, I replied to you on the forum haha best wishes with figuring out the site! :) Sept 11, 2016 15:46:47 GMT
haircare: um, scroll up? i mean, do you see a tab that says "forum" or maybe "home"?? click that and you will see several "threads" in which to choose and post in. ahh, not sure how much detail you need. Sept 11, 2016 14:56:53 GMT
natty_freeform: Ok, how do i get to the main forum? Sept 11, 2016 14:27:03 GMT
haircare: I'm really not in charge here, i just pretend to be :P but usually we try to keep most of the lengthy discussions on the main forum, just fyi-natty_freeform :) Sept 11, 2016 14:24:59 GMT *
haircare: natty_freeform -i'm not sure I should be the one saying this, because I guess I never had to think about it so much before...but well, I believe you can still make posts on the main forum as a guest, the same way you do it here... Sept 11, 2016 14:24:06 GMT
natty_freeform: Haircare, I don't have the money to buy a domain in order to create an account. Sept 11, 2016 14:07:16 GMT
haircare: hey natty_freeform you should sign up or login and chat on the main forum! :) but yeah well i thought that and mine STILL didn't tend to lock that way. :P Sept 10, 2016 17:25:09 GMT
natty_freeform: Because of how I sleep my back and sides will lock up faster haha. Haircare Sept 10, 2016 16:57:50 GMT
haircare: natty_freeform-do what works for you! I'd probably have to do the opposite, because the top tends to dread more than the parts I actually WANT dreaded! Go figure! :P Sept 10, 2016 15:18:48 GMT
natty_freeform: I'm free forming my sides and back while I backcombed the top Haircare. Sept 10, 2016 9:55:18 GMT
MacabreMagpie: I'd love to go there sometime. Also, fantasticdamage, we love this little chatbox but just a note that not everyone can see it (only desktop users). You'll get more replies if you post in Random Thoughts :) Sept 9, 2016 6:14:12 GMT
fantasticdamage: DirtyxSaint - Peace. Japan is chill - lots of things to do. Your senses are never not stimulated. Audibly, Visually.. the food is out of this world.. fashion.. and if you're into the Arcade Scene, its heaven. Sept 8, 2016 19:12:34 GMT
dirtyxsaint: I spent about a year there. Mostly the Yokouska area, but spent a lot of time in Tokyo on the weekends. How are you enjoying it? Sept 8, 2016 9:02:52 GMT
fantasticdamage: Peace. its 9:41pm here in Japan. Has anyone ever been to this country before or have any interest in going? Sept 8, 2016 7:41:36 GMT
MacabreMagpie: Welcome! Sept 7, 2016 14:54:11 GMT
rastamannick97: Hey! Sept 7, 2016 13:46:43 GMT
"haircare": it's haircare. I forgot i COULD answer this one, natty_freeform. to answer your question-yes, you certainly can! takes longer, like sometimes years, but yes you can dread very straight hair. Sept 7, 2016 9:25:42 GMT
haircare: well, there are timelines on here, and maintenance tips and just folks here for all the emotional support you may or may not need. Just remember that if you do decide to dread. :) Sept 7, 2016 8:47:23 GMT
fafafaa: all i only care about the way dreads look. not really caring about the philosophy behind dreads, i might not be at the right page atm lol. thx for the aswer Sept 6, 2016 21:26:16 GMT
fafafaa: Oh I meant even a tacky website is ok, i dont think there are tacky dreads.. Sept 6, 2016 21:23:37 GMT
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